Anonymous said:
we're on anon cause its scary to talk to you in our real fleshes o.o

Blah. Why. IM NOBODY. haha. 

Anonymous said:
How do you feel after getting your tattoo? I mean does it still hurts?

Haha why are you anon? and no its just sore but that was definitely the most painful thing I’ve done in awhile. I still gotta get it colored innnn blahhhh.

Anonymous said:
I'm glad you're alive from being hit by a car :p

Oh well, thanks you! haha Im glad you’re alive for just being alive. I can’t die anytime soon, I have a ton of stuff to do.

similargenie said:
How do you stay strong in the toughest of times? How do you keep yourselves from marking your skin or loosing the confidence that took so long for you to build? How do you learn to move on? I would love to know. I need advice from someone that won't judge me... Competition entry and actuall question


I don’t normally answer these types of questions but I am going to make an exception this time.

It’s simple to explain actually, you don’t “stay strong” or keep yourself from losing anything. You have to lose it all. You let whatever it is that’s broken you down tear you apart completely.  You allow yourself to have your confidence/identity stripped. Because in order to have a better future and love your life, you have to keep the past in the past. Don’t allow it to attach itself to you.

The only way to ever feel right again is to come out better than you were before things happened. 

And to do that you must let the situation completely destroy you so you can rebuild yourself from scratch.  And you get to come back better. Believe it or not, this can be a good place to be in terms of making your life an even more beautiful experience.  It’s difficult and it’s not easy and it can be torturous but it’s the only way.

Everyone has a different way of going about it, but take a few months or a year and do things right.  Everything, not just in romance, but with everyday situations. Make sure not to hurt anyone else in the process.  Just be better in every way you can. It sounds silly but we have a song about this called “Strange Shadows.”

And About The Jar, Sorry That Contest Was From Last Week. But We Have More Coming Up So Stick Around! [xx] Stay Dead [xx]

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Anonymous said:
you look cute in the dancing dead video just sayin :*

Why thanks you. I was still a wee lad.

bulletlovesyous said:
how tall are you? c:


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Your music is amazing. I would like to recommend 2 movies to you. The devils carnival Repo the genetic opera I saw on YouTube that your fans of carnivale. So sad it was cancelled.

Sick, Ill check them out!

Anonymous said:
whats your favorite cookie? c:

Grandmas Cookies: Peanut Butterrrr.

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