shadows-chaos said:
Happy birthday *pets gently and gives cookie*

*eats cookie*

harleenmisfit said:
Happy Birthday DJ! I'm a big fan, have a nice day and a nice life xx <3

ah thanks you! it was a wonderful night.

endagr said:
Happy Birthday! May you have a wonderful day! :)

thanks youuu

sashafoxx said:
happy hatchday, wolfie! xoxo's


xshinysparklex said:
Happy Birthday!

<333thanksssss you

ilvao said:
Happy birthday!


katiekatcw said:
Happy b day DJ feliz cumpleaños form Mexico

why thanks you!

sosaysecho said:
Hope you have an amazing birthday :)

thank you!!! i will a bunch of people are doing to say hi later today

10151996 said:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 15 1996. Thanks yewww

gypsyhooked said:
Happy birthday DJ!

Thanks man!

Anonymous said:
Happpy birthday!


fayeswings said:
Happy birthday DJ! :)

Thanksss you!!! 

young hearts be free tonight.

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I got mail from my Grammy back home ♥♥♥. Ahh best gram ever.
would you guys back home do me the biggest favor and go to Eddies Diner for me often and ask for Ann and keep her company.♡

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Anonymous said:
you should make me a life sized poster of yourself lol :3

Why don’t you just make it. so i don’t feel weird sending someone a life sized poster of myself.

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